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Post Info TOPIC: The Sceve in Season 2

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The Sceve in Season 2

Okay, this thread is to keep track on any Sceve sightings during S2...

We had 2 so far, and we know of one coming up... was ist ep 10 or 11?

I'll just quote what was said so far in the thread on the old board...

Majandra wrote:

Yay! We have our first official Sceve sighting!

In last nights ep 2x04 "Everybody Hates Hugo"


And Hurley even mentioned Steve... something like "Steve gets the chips but Charlie wants them, Charlie won't be pissed at Steve, he'll be pissed at me"

Yay, Dustin! And it was about time, if I might add that. Wink

*hugs'n'kisses* to our favorite man on the island!

hippiejewel wrote:

It looks like he's smelling his arm...LOL SORRY DUSTIN!!!!

Jewel Shocked

blurredlights wrote:

or maybe covering his nose from the smoke?

Majandra wrote:

No, he's scratching his nose... the secret signal to his fans! Like he did in The Moth:


But mind you, he's wearing the same shirt again... hopefully Rose cleaned it for him in past weeks... Wink

blurredlights wrote:

whee! secret signal! Very Happy

hippiejewel wrote:

Well, I hope it's as clean as it can be...LOL

Jewel Very Happy

blurredlights wrote:

do we know what clothes scott wears? he wore the same shirt for "the moth" "raised by another", "solitary" and "everybody hates hugo". :/

Majandra wrote:

He had a light grey-blue shirt on during Do No Harm and Exodus...


blurredlights wrote:

it looks like the same shirt that got faded

Majandra wrote:

and it's dark again now?? Doubt it... Wink Or smart Sceve found a way to dye it...

And I'm going to add the 2nd Sceve sighting in 2x08 Collision:

dust_coll01.jpg (<-- click for fullscreen)


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I checked the VIP archive on the 'lage and Dustin said to watch Sawyer's tent in 2x10...

I'm still curious to find out what the Sceve might want at Sawyer's tent... Shocked
My theory: He has been there before (for whatever reason...) and that's why Sawyer knew in Exodus that Scott's alive.... and that he's "keeping Tracey warm at night" Flirty ... and Sawyer probably knows why Scott's now pretending to be Steve. But Sawyer promised to keep it a secret and so he had to quickly change subject when Walt caught him saying "Scott" instead of "Steve"...

*teehee* Coming up with the wildest theories for the Sceve is so much fun...

hippiejewel wrote:
I'm sure Maja will have more stuff up after episode 10.....LOL

What makes you think that? *blinks innocently*

th_2x10_1.jpg th_2x10_2.jpg th_2x10_3.jpg th_2x10_4.jpg th_2x10_5.jpg th_2x10_6.jpg

(<-- those are all thumbnails, click to enlarge...)

Cordel wrote:
No new screenshots Maja?! Crying or Very sad

Sooooorry.... if there's no Sceve in the ep... Sad And I didn't see him either, sorry.

But I did see Scan...


on the right, walking from behind that tent towards the beach...

Sooo... where are my experts... did I see a Dustin there or did I see a Dustin there? Laughing



"Don't touch my mango" LOL!

Oh and: click pic to see them in full screen. Both caps are from 2x20 Two for the Road

I told him we should get a little red flagg, that he can wave in the background, so we know it's him. LOL! Then we don't have to ask him all the time... Laughing
But I asked and yes, my SDS (Sceve Detecting Senses) are still intact. Very Happy We have a confirmed Sceve sighting in 2x20 Two For The Road. SQUEE!!!!!!

I made screencaps from the Scan&Sceve scene from the S2 bloopers.


Click the pic and it'll lead you to my photobucket folder with all the other screencaps from that scene.

Very Happy

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