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Post Info TOPIC: 1st European Sceve Fan Meeting - German Edition

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1st European Sceve Fan Meeting - German Edition

As you all know, Myha is going to visit me from Feb 27th to March 6th 2006 here in Germany.


Yes, Jewel, God help Europe, LOL!

We, Myha and me, are going to report about our meeting here and also post pictures.

And we're both going to wear our Dustin shirts so we won't miss each other at the airport. Actually... it's kinda the Reunion of the Dustin shirts LOL!



It's happened!!!!

Myha is here!!! Of course, I had to screw it all up... (or our stupid carnival). I got cought up in traffic jam that poor Mona had to wait for me at the airport for almost 2 hours. Crying or Very sad And on the way home I was so excited I kept babbling and missed the right exit of the motorway. Embarassed So we had to take a little trip thru the country. But we made it home alright, got some yummy food from my fave Chinese take-away and watched 3 epsiodes of Lost (1x17- 1x19). Very Happy Now we're on the net, Myha on my PC and I using my laptop.

And we both look just FABULOUS in our Dustin shirts. Laughing LOL! Actually on the way home, I had to stop at a gas station for fuel and after I had paid, the guy at the cash desk asked me: "Okay... I gotta ask: Who is Dustin Watchman???"


I admit I was being lazy and just gave the short explanation: "Do you know Lost? Yes? well, he's one of the actors there."

Anyway... we'll keep you posted!!!


How did I know that your babbling would get you in trouble.....LOL Well the important thing is that you're both ok. Got help Germany......LOL Have fun.....

Jewel Very Happy



Tuesday February 28th (and a bit of March 1st) daily report.

Very Happy
I slept (very well I might say) on Maja's couch, and got up at about 11am (she got up before me, and I had the impression that that was very important to add). Then we were being lazy (well...not completely, because we were doing some translations for God knows what...).
At...1pm, or a little later, we went into the centre of Coburg and watched the Fasching parade (karneval). I came ther with a sheriff ("There' s a new sheriff in town"), and I saw a surgeon, a pirate, various animals and princesses and marching bands (I love marching bands!!!). I also ate the Coburger bratwurst (if I misspell anything German it's because I'm NOT German, although I know bits and pieces....), and that is a sossage in bread, with mustard(no ketchup, ketchup bad!)....yummy!
Straight after that we dropped off the sheriff/minisawyer and his mom at home and went directly to Bamberg, where I got some sightseing, and we met Nadja, a friend of Maja. She was really really nice! (and gave Maja a bit of a hard time sometimes *giggles*) And we went to a cafe and had dinner there.. really good food!!! and then we went home...

Btw... it's still snowing Laughing That's right! I really do bring snow when I come.... (so if it starts snowing in Hawaii when we're there, don't worry... it's because of me and it might even make it easier to explain why that polar bear was there in the first place...)

And... we talked about Dustin, Maja wore her shirt, Nadja didn't understand one bit because (grab onto something safe and put down all beverages... this might be a bit of a shock).....she doesn't watch Lost!!!!!!! Surprised

So anyway... I'm really enjoying myself, and having loads of fun here!!!!

*hugs to all of you*


You spelled everything correctly, I'm proud of you!

I should add that the min-sawyer/sheriff is my little 7-year- old nephew and his mom is - of course - my sis-in-law who was really sweet and tried to speak really slooooow and articulated when she talked to Mona Laughing

And why is it important to mention that I got up earlier than you did, Mona??


well... you were the one who HAD to mention to Nadia that you got up before me, so I just got the impression from there....

(btw... we're LITERALLY sitting 1 meter away from eachother, but are we TALKING??? No, we're writing messages to eachother on message boards... totally normal... yeah right!! )


I just mentioned it because she asked us when we got up and you said you got up at eleven and I said yeah I got up a little earlier... Confused

Talking? To each other? Pfff... that'd be just booooring... Laughing


March 1st (and some March 2nd) update.

Isabel got up before me (again) to babysit... after 3 hours or so of sleep...
I got up later and joined her, and we had the mini-Sawyer with us:)
Then... well.. since we don't sleep at night.. we sleep in the day...

At 7, we went out with a friend of Maja, Olli. We ate, and then we went back to his place to see a movie...

So... that's the daily.. and.. I'm not so creative at 4am... sorry...

*hugs all*

I forgot to mention.. we're waiting for Lost now... and..

Olli has a very cute butt (too bad he's gay...)


Update for March 2nd (and early 3rd of March too...)

We got up at...*cough1pmcough*... We had a long Lost night... what can I say... We went to bed around 8am, so...

Then I went with Maja to work, and met 2 of the pupils she is torturin...uh...tutoring... They were really cute.. and I tried to talk to them a bit... but they seemed to have problems understanding the phrase "do you understand me?", so I kind of gave up the communication bit..

After that we went shopping for our celebration of Dustin's birthday... We bought ingredients to my (well.. actually my mother's) famous pizza, snacks and alcohol... of course the alcohol was more than half of the rest we bought, so..

We needed a nap too.. after having been up for so long.. so we slept from 6-9pm. And then we cooked... I think the pizza was good... (feel free to make any comment Maja, just remember I know where you live;) )

After we had eaten and I had tortured Maja with a Norwegian movie... (she had to read subtitles, OH HORROR!!!) we went online on our computers, drank a bit, chatted, talked, had snacks and sent it all out online through webcam... Our celebration of Dustin's birthday...

At the moment, it's almost 6am, we're not in bed yet, but at least we are able to sleep as long as we like tomorrow...

I'm really enjoying myself!!!! Very Happy

tomorrow guys!

*hugs all* (and a special birtday hug for Dustin)


Daily report March 3rd (and some 4th)

We had a calm start of the day. continued our little celebration of Dustin's birthday, because we bought cake, and we couldn't eat anymore last night... really nice! And the cakes had candles and all... you'll get to see pictures later I guess..

It has been snowing a LOT here today... So much that even a Norwegian thinks that it's too much... We went to the post office, and it was a snowy caos... And I did manage to fall flat when we got back.. Took a real dive.. fortunately there is no such thing as photographic evidence from that incidence... I do however have a bruise on my left hip, so... and... no matter what Maja says... uhm.... argh! I'll just shut up..

In the evening we went to Olli's place, met two other friends of Maja and we had a game night. Played cards..(no.. not I Never...) had pizza, and a lot of laughs...

Not such a long update tonight, but I'm kind of tired.. and it's kind of 3am, so.... TOMORROW DUDES AND DUDETTES!!!!



Ive been sightseeing today!
Saw the fortress/castle-thingy (as we like to call it). It was very pretty, and on top of a hill, so we could see the landscape stretch out beneath us. Maja had all kinds of interesting stories to tell about the castle, and shes a really great guide!
Then she showed me the theatre in town, and the real castle..like.. in town (hard to explain, but well have photos later..)

After that we went and had dinner with her friends. A really cute couple. And we went to see a movie, Underworld 2.. In German. Dubbed Amazingly enough, I managed to follow the story!!!

After that we went back to Majas And I tricked her into tasting a Norwegian cheese that I had brought Goats cheese.. Its brown and sweet

Maja: Its actually not too bad.

Myha: Great!

Maja: Wait Does that mean that I have to eat more???

And that was basically our day... Did I forget anything Maja???

Oh yeah!

Maja wore her Dustin shirt today!!!


And we had M+Ms in the cinema! And we had Sex on the Beach... or rather I had... *giggles* (we had ****tails at the diner). I tried to convinve Mona that she had to try the "Jungle Juice" Flirty but she wanted the "Dolphin's Paradise".


Okay, I'm all alone now again. Sad I brought Myha to the airport this morning after we had about 2 hours of sleep Shocked I hope she got home savely (she had seat 16 B on her flight back)

I miss her...


I talked to Myha's brother and he said she's home and everything went alright. Smile But she's probably still sleeping. I know I kinda collapsed on my bed and went asleep almost immediately after I came home.

We visited a friend of mine last night and he took a pic of us with his digital camera, and I hope he sends it to me soon. We took more pics with my camera but it's a "normal" camera and I need to get the film developed and the pics scanned first and that may take a while.

Now I'm waiting for the snow to melt away but strangely enough the weather forecast said we'll even get more snow in the next few days. Shocked

Mona!! You said you took the snow cloud back to Norway with you!!

*hugs* I miss you...


Phew... yeah.. I got home alright... (the numbers ARE cursed btw.... 1 hour delay, snarky captain (I loved him), luggage caos, stupid stupid bad evil train....)


Jason, Sherry, Maja... backpacking sounds like fun... I'm in! (and again... does money grow on trees?)


After being bullied and nagged at...
Here's finally the report for the last day in Germany...

We were at a fancy cafe and had cakes (yum yum yum yum yum *drool*) and two of Maja's friends were also there. Then we played cards (still being in a fancy cafe...)... FUNNY GAME... Wizard or something..

Then we went to Bamberg and visited another friend of Maja (I think I've met them all now.. and all were super nice!)... He cooked FANTASTIC Asian food for us!!! YUM!

Then we went home, and we stayed up almost all night to watch the Oscars... (I have no idea how Maja managed to drive me to the airport the following morning... and I have no idea how I actually managed to get home...)

JOAQUIN DIDN'T WIN!!!! AAAAAAARGH! But Reese did though.. and that was good...

*still sulking over the fact that Joaq didn't win*

The journey home...

I had seat 16b on the plane.... (YEah... the numbers ARE bad...)
The plane was delayed 1 hour in Frankfurt...and then my luggage didn't show up before I had been waiting ages.. and then I lost my train.. and then I almost fell asleep on the train and almost missed my station... But I'm home now.. and all is fine...



They are here! They are here! They are here! The pictures are here!

At least the first film is developed now. Unfortunately we never got a picture of the 2 of us in our Dustin shirts (sorry Dustin!!!) and all the pictures with both of us on it, are on the 2nd film and a friend of mine's digi cam. Need to nudge Christian to send them to me and finish the 2nd film...

So this might take a while...  :roll:

But until then: Enjoy! (I'll post all pictures as thumbnails, click on them for a larger version)

A very familiar site: Myha in front of her laptop (or could be mine actually...)

Myha's famous Pizza... cooked for the HotRod's birthday party. Kinda Hawaiian style with ham and pineapple - but Mona style because we also had corn on it. *hears giggles from all the DIMPLES* Yes... we had corn on the Hawaiian... pizza... :lol: ... and it was delicious!!!

No birthday party without birthday cake... and yes I know there aren't enough candles on the cake but hey... I only tried to be nice... ;)

Our castle... oups no... sorry... wrong picture... (the castle comes next). This is my house where I live with my bro, my sis-in-law and my little nephew. Actually the backside of the house with our garden. And snow. Loads of snow.

Now THIS is our castle... the entrance... (I've posted a pic of the castle in the "Where is everyone from"-Thread).
Some pictures from inside the walls... the Prince's Building, the Martin Luther capel (my parents got married in there and my oldest bro - not the one who lives with me) and some more building in the 2nd court... with the bust of Martin "Dude" Luther. *giggles* (I explained to Mona who he is and she said "hey dude" to the bust and I almost died laughing!)

Myha hugging a former boundary-post (from the time when Coburg was a sovereign country... long long time ago).

Inside the castle buildings there's a museum for glas artefacts, weapons and copperplate engravings but we were a little late, so the museum was already closed. But they had some pictures on the outside and of course we spotted something Lost related:

A nice boar for Locke and some gross looking torture instruments for Sayid!!!

Usually you have a great view from the castle over Coburg and the Thuringian Forest and all that... but not if it's foggy and snow-cloudy like that... :(

Okay, that's it for now! More pics to follow!!!

 I just noticed I kinda overlooked some pictures. So here's the first update. 

Two more pictures from outside the walls of the castle.

In the city center: Our theater (left) and Castle Ehrenburg (right).

And around our market square (kinda the "heart" of our city center): town house, a pharmacy in the oldest stone building in Coburg and our city hall.

And one more picture from our garden. You can see my nephew's little framehouse where he keeps all his toys and tools (my bro has a bigger version of it for his "toys" and tools. LOL!), our BBQ place (the grey tall thingie) and on the very right of the pic, where the fence and the stones are, covered beneath tons of snow are our 2 ponds where my bro keeps goldfish and koi carps.

Picture update!

Here are the votes from the German jury... erm... I mean... the pictures a friend of mine took when we were at his place! (the one who cooked us that awesome Asian food!!)

Paparazzi pic of Myha and me while we're walking to his house...

Myha and me filled with wine and yummy Asian food...

(click on thumbnails for larger version)

Finally managed to develop the last film, so here's the last picture update:

My bro breeds all kinds of different birds.

This is me, Myha, my friend Steffi, her boyfriend Oli and their new car.

I have a few more pictures from Coburg, I took this spring (around Easter) but I think I'll post them in the other thread. :)

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